Jesus Embassy Church Disowns “Spritual Boy” Claims

Claims by a cleric situated in Gweru, purporting he was a religious child of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have been rubbished by the Christ Embassy Chapel in Zimbabwe. Man Freeman Siyawareva had before on put forth an attractiveness he was related to the leading Nigerian Minister in that respect.
Pastor Chris’ Cathedral took to the world wide web via its official website to distance itself from your Gweru cleric. Also, through the same book, the Church in Zimbabwe also disclaimed any connection with Guy Freeman Siyawareva’s Cathedral: Living Flames Religious Center.
While referencing articles printed in a neighborhood newspaper, the respected Chapel noted that the Dwelling Flames Christian Center formed a mistake in its alterations.
Evangelist Joe’ chapel additionally said that it ought to be taken into account that Pastor Chris, who also works as the founder and head of the ministry, has already written and published a multitude of publications. To study more, consider checking out: published. Dig up further on our favorite related wiki – Click here: inside pastor chris oyakhilome. These publications may contain but not limited to:
Christ Embassy cathedral, through the www, hoped to pass over a corrective statement on the matter. The Cathedral made it clear that Guy Freeman Siyawareva isn’t linked with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and also the cathedral. The statement also went further to summarize that there’s no present connection and collaborations involving both entities possibly in a religious way or or elsewhere.
Guy Siyawareva was seen recently in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare while he was establishing two of his new novels. Both novels are called “my new life in Christ” and “things Jesus did for each and every believer”.
Parson’s Bob institution announced the activities of Living Flames Christian Middle and its own head Guy Siyawareva ought to be educated and directed accordingly.
-Seven points the Holy Nature is going to do in you
-Seven points the Sacred Character is going to do to benefit you
-since you’re born again
Additionally, the notable Pastor has also produced audio cassettes, DVDs, and CDs. They may be titled “the new man in Christ” and “newness of lifestyle” correspondingly.
The correction by Pastor Chris’ church was introduced out in an extremely timely fashion amid growing fascination with what Guy Siyawareva intended in his claims.. Read Chris Oyakhilome includes further concerning when to acknowledge this viewpoint.